About Us

The House of B-KINGLY

Art Director and Founder of B-KINGLY, the French Barbara FARAH-NASRAOUI from Lebanese-Italian origins, passionate about jewelry design,creates with her heterogeneous style, collections that make diamonds accessible and smoothly worn day and night. The house of B-KINGLY is a synergy between glamour and refinement,represented in exceptional collections, bringing to the world a new trend in jewelry design, especially with its first creation, the Hexagon Illusion Collection.


B-KINGLY Mission

Each of our jewelry pieces is created similarly to the story of a woman, a moment of life, a loved one or a memory…

B-KINGLY shaping the stories of our lives.


The house of B-KINGLY treats its creations with ultimate care, conveying to each one of them the 6 affections that have inspired the creation of the Hexagon Illusion Collection.

B-KINGLY Culture

B-KINGLY creations are designed to perfection. Whether it is a piece or a set, in white, yellow or pink gold, discrete or imposing, every woman will find herself in one of B-KINGLY’s jewels.